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About Brian Reiss

Brian Reiss established Reiss law in 2011 after gaining almost 20 years' experience as a business lawyer.    

Early in his career, Brian worked on Bay Street for both a large national firm and a mid-sized full service firm. After working on several billion dollar public transactions as a part of a larger team, Brian recognized that he preferred working one on one with small and mid-sized privately owned businesses and their principals. He realized that the most enjoyable part of practicing law was working with business owners and principals, learning about the client's business, and helping the business to grow and to succeed.   

This focus on small and mid-sized privately owned businesses led him to move his practice to a top regional firm in Mississauga where he practised for 13 years, initially as an associate and for the last 9 years as a partner.  It was at such firm that Brian learned how to provide exceptional client service and great value to his clients, which guiding principles Brian brings to Reiss Law.   

Reiss Law acts for a broad range of clients, from start-ups to well established corporations, in a wide variety of industries. 

Much of Brian's practice is transactional in nature and he has developed a particular expertise in buying and selling businesses. He is often called upon to represent business owners for whom he has not previously acted when they are looking to sell their business and they want an expert to handle the matter, given its importance.